Friday, April 22, 2011

The Island Princess cruise ship

14 days on a ship, rooming with your Dad.  Don't you wonder how that might turn out?  I did.  It was fine. We are good travel companions, perhaps because he trained me (LOL).

Here are a few pictures of our room, pictures from the balcony and around the ship.  I LOVED this ship and would gladly sail on it again.

Our room mailbox and address label.


Dad in our room, Caribe 319, starboard side.   Life jackets on the bed as we are getting ready to go to our muster drill the first day.  Also, bed will be made into twins that evening.

See, it's all good.  The beds were made with just a comforter with a duvet cover, no flat sheet.  At first I thought that was weird, but I took to it quickly.  It ended up to be just perfect.

This was our walk-in closet.  Just to the left in the photo was a floor to ceiling shelved cabinet and farther left the bathroom door.  This floor plan worked out well.  We used the floor of the closet for storage that we wouldn't have had if the closet had been designed in a closed fashion.

Here's a view from our balcony as we are leaving port in Florida, Port of the Everglades.  The balconies below us were completely uncovered, ours was half covered.  The balconies above us were smaller (could only hold 2 chairs and a table vs 4 chairs and a table) and were completely covered.  I think ours was perfect.

If I couldn't find Dad in the Horizon Buffet dining room at lunch, I often took lunch back to the room and ate on the balcony.  The Lido deck was up 52 stairs, which I tried to take as often as possible.

This is the atrium of the ship.  If you come across this feature, that you can reach on decks 5, 6, and 7, you know you are mid-ship.  Our dining room, the Bordeaux Dining Room, was deck 5 and to the left. Guest services and the tour desk were in the area also. The ship shopping is on deck 6.  The Crooners Bar (piano bar) and the Churchill (cigar smoking) room were on deck 7.  Also surrounding the atrium on various decks were the Card room (games and cards), the Library (books for loan, quiet reading, daily suduko and brain teasers), and the Casino. Many ship activities took place here, including: formal night photos, live music, cocktail and culinary demo's (fruit and ice carving), cocktail parties.

 This is a bad picture of the "Movie Under the Stars" picture screen on the Lido deck, near the Lido pool.  Perhaps I have a better photo......

If there wasn't a live band playing on the Lido deck, there was something showing on the screen.  Sometimes it was pretty nature photos, but usually a movie or a concert.  You could easily watch a movie while swimming in the pool.  I preferred the 10 pm movies, mostly because the time didn't conflict with other activities.  You could buy candy, but a cart would come around and offer free popcorn before the movie started.  If you wanted to get up and get a refill, it was unlimited.  At the half way point a cart would come around with milk and cookies.  Wool blankets were available in case the wind caused too much of a chill.
This is the passengers vs cruise staff volleyball championship game.  I knew the lady serving.  This was taken just after we left Cabo San Lucas.

I took this picture from the Sun Deck (deck 15) looking down on the Lido deck.  This was the "Ultimate Deck Party" and cruise staff (first row from the right side of the photo) are leading passengers in a line dance.  This area is usually filled with lounge chairs and Movie screen is just barely visible at the top left of the photo.  This is also where our Zumba class was held in morning.  The railing closest to the bottom of the picture is surrounding one of the two hot tubs near the Lido pool.

This is part of the Sun deck, looking towards the hills of Acapulco.   The ship appears empty because many people are off ship on tours.  We ate lunch here this day, trying to find a breeze to cool us off.  Hot, hot, hot in Acapulco!

This is deck 7, The Promenade.  This deck became one of my favorite places to hang out.  Here you can see some of the morning walkers doing laps.  I tried to walk every day.  This deck is the only one that you can walk unobstructed around. 2.8 laps equals a mile.  I didn't count laps, just put time in.  I like this deck because it's outside, without glass panels between you and the ocean. It's close to the water which makes it a great place to look for wildlife and feel the breeze.  These deck chairs are the most comfortable and once I got one, I didn't want to leave.

Unless I'm cold, I don't hang out in the sun.  I moved from port to starboard, depending on where the shade was.

After walk on the promenade, near dawn in the Pacific.  We changed our clocks back and forward a few times.  One day on the Pacific sunrise wasn't until 7:41am.

This picture is provided by Princess, of the Lotus pool area.  It's enclosed and air conditioned.  There are lounge chairs around the outside that look out through floor to ceiling windows, lovely!  This pool also has a slight current, and 2 hot tubs.  The ice cream station is just to the left.  Ping pong tables are upstairs.

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