Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th, Sea Day

I don't know what day of the week it is.  Now I know the correct date.  Sorry for the confusion on previous posts.  Vacation is so much work.

April 6th, 2011 -- Sea Day
Ahhhh, a nice relaxing day without much to do.  After the long day yesterday, this hit the spot.  
We both slept in until 8am, had a nice breakfast and then lounged around the deck reading.  There was a police, firefighter and paramedic get together scheduled, but when I cruised by the area I didn’t see anyone my age and figured I wouldn’t have anything to talk about with them.....I went back and sat next to Dad on the sun deck.
I think I saw a couple pods of dolphins, but they were too far from the boat to get a real good look.  I’ll continue to keep my eye out for them as we head north.   I remember from last year that our trip northbound seemed to have bigger swells and more sea life.  Interested to see if that holds true this trip as well.
I had a strange pizza for lunch, mozzarella, blue cheese and walnut.  I became sick afterwards.  Don’t know if that was the cause or not.  Spent the second half of the day resting in the cabin.  It was nice to be in a quiet , A/C’d place.  The temps were in the upper 80’s, but the humidity is thick and uncomfortable.
I missed my line dancing class, and Dad went to his bridge group.
I went to dinner, but started to not feel good just before dessert was to arrive.  I would have made my sister-in-law proud as I fought to stay at the table and have that dessert!!!  I did manage it, but left shortly afterwards.  Now I’m in the cabin, and am going to try some tea to feel better.
Appetizer: Fruit kebobs marinated in honey with a yogurt dipping sauce.
Soup: Cucumber mint with toasted almonds
Main Course: Leek and Cheese Tartlet
Dessert: Raspberry creme brulee with madelines, chocolate chip ice cream.
The dinner menu was french tonight.  Choices included escargot, corvina (fish), frog’s legs, duck, veal.  Of course there are always steak, salmon, salad and pasta options.
Tomorrow: We have a long day in Puntarenas Costa Rica.  We are going to be bused into the country side and take a 2 hour raft float and view wildlife.  Hopefully the GI tract will behave!

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Grampy and Grammy said...

Way to go on the dessert! Never let the sweet stuff go to waste :)
Who wouldn't feel ill after that weird pizza combo?????