Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Very Short Visit to Melbourne Beach, Florida

I'm finally catching up on photos of our trip.  I will definitely will try to add photos as I go next time.   Also, I'm going to summarize instead of narrate.  Wow, some of those posts were long.

Back to Florida: While reviewing the photos I remembered how much I liked the area.  I can't wait to visit again.  Besides the beautiful area, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan are fantastic people.  I loved listening to my Aunt Mary talk.  Her accent reminds me of family and time spent in Illinois, especially of my Grandma Haskins.

Getting the Hobie kayaks into the Indian River.  Sometime around 8:45am on the 29th.

Dad getting the hang of pedaling the kayak.

I really wanted to see some manatees, but this was as close as I came.

Uncle Dan and Dad heading out of the canal, into the Indian River.  This canal is a private waterway used by people who live on either side of it.  Kinda of a "alley" waterway.  While taking this photo, one of the many jumping fish almost landed in my kayak and a snake swam through the water just in front the guys boats.

Yep, life is good!

Uncle Dan, Dad and Aunt Mary on their driveway, getting ready to walk to the beach.

Dan and Mary at the beach. A very short walk from their house.

Shells were everywhere on the beach.  So many, and most of them were still whole.  I found a very large shell on the way back.  It must have just appeared, because I didn't see it the first time by.

Dad and Uncle Dan

Aunt Mary and Dad.  What a great day on the beach!

Cool birds (Ibis?), we don't have these in Oregon.  

A whole bunch of brown pelicans doing a fly-by

The four of us in Mary and Dan's house.

Aunt Mary has a painting studio in her house. So beautiful!

She paints beautiful paintings too.

The enclosed pool and garden is very refreshing.  Wonderful place for drinks and conversation.
I wish we could have had more time with Dan and Mary, I don't get to see my Dad's side of the family often enough and enjoy reconnecting with them.  

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