Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th, 2011 -- Acapulco

Sunday, April 10th, 2011 -- Acapulco
I’m writing this on the balcony of my stateroom with a shot glass of limocello next to me.  Delicious stuff and made fresh here on the ship. I bought the drink at dinner, but they will refill it for me as much as I want and I get to keep the glass. 
We arrived in Acapulco this morning around 0800 hrs, before the sun rose over the eastern mountain tops, what a beautiful view.  Acapulco could truly be a wonderful destination if it wasn’t for the under current of worry regarding the drug war violence.
The city is built from the beach upward onto to the slopes of the nearby mountains that surround the bay.  The buildings are mostly white with bright colors splashed in here and there. At night the city sparkles with lights from the high rises and the house built up the hills.  The city twinkles its reflection into the water, adding to the scene. This I remember from my trip here a year ago February.
The beaches are beautiful now, and full of life (people) and a party atmosphere.  The water which once was a garbage can, has been cleaned up and has recovered beautifully. From the deck I could see fish swimming near the pier. It was hard to sit on the boat and not go walk the short distance down the road to the beach to play in the surf with all the locals.  
Yes, the scenery is beautiful and I would have loved the chance to talk Spanish as we looked about. But I held true to my Acapulco boycott and stayed on the boat except for a short visit to the shops in the secured area on the pier.  I hope Mexico is someday able to clean out scum that makes you think twice about visiting.
Today I walked on the treadmill as my walking deck was closed for repairs, then headed to the outdoor pool for a swim.  Spent some time “swimming” while watching the Phantom of the Opera as a silent movie (the original).  I think I preferred it that way.  Dad sunned himself on the upper deck.  We had lunch on the deck from “The Grill” for the first time.  He had a hot dog that looks super good, I had a great grilled chicken sandwich.  
After lunch I took my little port excursion to the pier shops, then returned to the pool for a little drawing an a nap.  Practicing naps again for when I return to the real world.
At dinner Dad read a will he made up for our table mates.  Then joked with him the night before, when seated at the head of the table, he stood up to stretch his knee that it looked like he was ready to read his will.  He took the idea and ran with it.  Each table part had a little piece and enjoyed his reading of it.
Appetizer: Eggplant and roasted garlic in pastry with some kind of sauce (very good! Can I have another please?)
Soup: Some kind of fruit puree.  Notice a trend on soup choices?
Main Course: Filet Mignon with shrimp and potatoes.  Steak wasn’t as tender as I’m used to.  The shrimp were.  More shrimp!!!
Dessert: Cherries jubilee, two kinds of Italian ice cream: one chocolate chip, the other espresso.
At 9:45pm there’s a Island Party on the Lido deck, so no Movie Under the Stars tonight.  They better make up for it with a good one tomorrow night.  I’m running out of nights under the stars.
Did I mention that they bring you popcorn to start with, then later on milk and cookies?  Well they do.
Last night I watched SALT, it was awesome.  
Tomorrow, think we are sea and arrive in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday.  One port left.

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