Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday April 1st, Day at Sea

Hola!  Coming to you today from approx. 350 miles NE of Aruba.  We are traveling at 18 kts.  We have some swells today, as well as a 30 kt wind.  That’s to be expected this close to the tropics.
I’m getting an early start on the blog today, because now is when I have free time.  Perhaps an update later.....
Slept terrible last night.  My run on the treadmill on Wednesday night caused my sciatic to act up.  I could only get comfortable in the fetal position on the left side.  That’s influenced that the rest of my day today, more on that later.
Had another great breakfast in the Horizon Court buffet.  Trying to keep portions small and stop when I’m full.  Still think I’m eating more than normal.  Also, if something isn’t great, I don’t finish it.  I’ll check the scale later today and see what the damage is.
After breakfast I walked the deck from 0800-0825 hrs, and then participated in Zumba again.  We got lucky and the clouds moved in and out, keeping us cooler.  Good workout though.  
After Zumba we both headed to the Lotus pool where I hung out in the pool and met some nice ladies in the hot tub.  Dad took a nap on the lounge chair.  Remember this area is air conditioned.
Lunch again in the buffet, today was Oriental and sushi day.  I tried the pizza instead (yummy, NY style).
Did some video taping of the ship and am now waiting for the line dance lessons then off to the spa.
I checked the spa, hoping they had a chiropractor and of course they didn’t.  But I did sign up for acupuncture, which is suppose to help.  A short time later the lady in the spa said the acupuncturist requested that I have a massage first so that she can access the nerves.  Ok, what am I suppose to do?  It’s the 3rd day on the boat with 11 more to go.  My husband would tell me to do it.  So that’s what I’m in for later today.  I’ve always wanted a deep tissue massage, so I’m going to enjoy it.  I don’t even want to know how much it costs.  Sorry dear.  I know you’d want to be pain less.  I mean pain free.  :*)
From there I’ll head to dinner and then update you on what delicious food I was served.
Weather is mostly sunny now, temp around 80 degrees.  I’m sitting now inside our a/c’d room looking at the water.
Hope your water is from the tap/shower/sink, and not the sky.
Hasta Luego!

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