Monday, May 2, 2011

April 12th -- Cabo San Lucas

Tuesday April 12th, 2011 -- Cabo San Lucas

We arrived in port around 0700 hrs.  Last night was down right chilly and I was not optimistic that today was going to be warm.  For my morning walk I had my windbreaker on, and was still cool, but was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

We had no tour planned for Cabo, just decided to ride the tenders in to port and walk around and to the beach.  The day ended up being warm and wonderful, I think because the city is protected by a bay from the wind.  
Cabo is beautiful, a nice small to medium sized town that is fairly new and sits on the golden sand beaches.  I think this would THE place to come to on the western coast of Mexico.  Water sports are big here.  Many, many, many jet ski’s zooming about.  

Many of the small boats are glass bottom boats that are for hire at the pier.

This yachat has a helicopter on the back as well as a couple of jet ski's.  Wonder who owns it? Took this picture from the tender en route back to the ship.

The rocks near Cabo as from our ship as we are departing.

Lots and lots of boats and jet ski's in the water.  As well as 4 other cruise ships.  This view is from our balcony.

We walked the shops around the pier and Dad had his picture taken at the Giggling Marlin.  He was strung up like a caught fish.  I said “No”.  What a party pooper, eh?
I recognize that marlin!  

So finally, after 16 days on the road, I see a guy walking around Cabo wearing a green hat with a big yellow “O”. It never fails, that I should see some kind of U of O wear while on vacation.  I talked to the guy, he said he’s from Nevada and is just a Duck fan, no real affiliation with them.  He also said that he’s had 3 people wanting to buy the hat from him while he’s been here.  Next time I’m going to bring some to sell!  I think.  I don’t like the idea of owning them, but it might be fun to see how much I could get for one.
We didn’t stay in Cabo long enough to enjoy the water or beach.  We set sail just after 2pm for Los Angeles.  It’s hard to believe our tour is coming to an end.  Tonight is our last formal dinner, which means one more set of clothes can go in the duffle bag.
I stopped posting the blog because we didn’t want to purchase another internet package.  The package we were buying, 250 minutes for $100, were expensive.  I averaged 10-13 mins a night by writing my blog on a word document and then cutting and pasting it in.  I check email and only responded to Randy’s email.  
The internet connection was by satellite and a lot like a slow dial-up connection, for those of you who remember those days.  I used the laptop and it was much faster, relative to the system.  Dad was using the computers in the internet center, and they were slooooow.  Once I figured the connections out, I showed Dad how to use the laptop and he sped up a bit too.  Anyway, we were running low on minutes and wanted to leave time to check in online.  
As I’m writing this after returning home, I can’t recall what we had for dinner that night.  Or any other details for that matter.  Guess I’ll end this post.