Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happiness Bites

Alright, so I'm eating pretty clean and I've given up many foods that I like, and I've done so for the benefit of my health. I'm surprisingly, mostly ok with that. But sometimes I need a little something special, something I enjoy but still is pretty ok for me.  I think I found that item at Trader Joes (yea TJ's!), and here it is...

Over the course of the last 2-3 weeks I've been on the hunt for a dark chocolate bar that is 85% or higher in cacao, and has relatively few ingredients. I'm looking to avoid nuts, bad oils, dairy, and soy. I think the sugar content of this bar is reasonable, and I don't have huge sugar cravings after eating a couple of squares.

This bar is my winner. It meets the above criteria and is made the winner over other bars for the following reasons:
Value: this bar comes packaged as 2 individually wrapped bars in a re-closeable box for under $3. I can't recall the price, it might be $2.49, but it's definitely under $3. Other bars left me no way to close the package after I had opened it.
Format: both of those bars are divided into smaller grids for you to break off pieces. Many other bars had larger squares and I felt like I couldn't eat the right portion.  It also made those bars disappear faster, which was a huge negative. With the smaller squares and two bars, I always have some chocolate in my pantry.

Taste: this bar had just the right amount of sweetness with a smooth fruity under tone.
I'm so thankful for Trader Joes!

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