Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Recent Good Eats...

Alright, still trying some of the Costco finds.   Last night I opened the Mediterranian Chicken Skewers.  They were very good.  I microwaved two at a time and it took about 30 sec's to get warm.  The meat is still on charred skewers, which gives them an authentic, appealing appearance.  The chicken was pretty good, with no real stand out flavor.  These would do well with any seasoning/sauce you preferred to put with them.  I was afraid they would have "greek" flavoring, but that wasn't the case.  They are bare canvas for your culinary flavors.  
I froze the packages as I need to not eat so much chicken all at once.  Being frozen didn't seem to hurt the product at all.  The only negative was an rare/occasional "spongy" feel or fat grissle to the meat.  While I noticed it, it didn't happen enough for me to dismiss this product.  I still like it and will buy it again.  Winner!

The other new item I tried was the Trader Joe's Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips.  These were good, a tortilla chip with a slightly sweet taste.  I liked them, but didn't check the label before buying and the product still has corn as a major ingredient.  I am supposed to avoid corn.  Too bad for me as they rocked salsa.

Tonight I came up with a polish sausage, pepper, onion, summer squash and garlic skilllet.  Easy peasy and delicious.  
Kielbasa polish sausage sliced in 1/2" rounds, browned in coconut oil.  Add sliced onions and peppers.  Towards the very end add the sliced summer squash and some pressed garlic.  
I scooped out a bunch out of the pan for me, then tossed some cooked linguine in the pan and coated the noodles with the coconut oil and pan grease.  Tossed a few times to intergrate the pasta, meat and vegetable, then served that to my husband.  He liked it and the noodles are a good filler for him.  I enjoyed it without noodles, but you could add whatever you use as a regular pasta substitute.  

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