Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sweet Potatoes are my new BFF.

A year ago I never would have believed that I would be eating sweet potatoes as much as I am, and I'm loving them!  Me and sweet potatoes have gotten close.  

So far, everything I've done with them requires that they are peeled first.  I haven't tried any recipe where it says to leave the skin on. Anyone know if it works to leave the skin on?  

I like to thinly slice them, toss with coconut oil, season to taste and bake, in a single layer, at 375 until they are firm and starting to turn brown.  They require turning at about 13 mins, and again a couple more times until brown (about every 13 mins, but decreasing the time the longer they have been in the oven).  It's not a fast process and some get done faster than others, depending on their thickness.  But it's worth it.  These golden disks are great as a cracker or chip substitute when looking for a way to move dip into your mouth. I think they would make a good nachos base. They did soften when stored over night in a ziplock bag, but crisped right up when heated and turned in a warm frying pan on the stove.

My lastest trick with sweet potatoes is hash browns.  I was looking for something to join bacon or sausage as a way to make my morning meal more like breakfast, these worked great.  I used Google to check out a couple of recipes and blend techiques to get a good result for me.

First I peel them and shred them with a box grater, then coat them lightly in coconut oil.  Place in a bowl and parboil them in the microwave for a few minutes.  Others suggested water instead of the oil, but I don't have a cast iron pan.  I knew I was going to use a metal pan that could go to the oven when I was done with them on the stove top.  I was hoping that by having the oil well incorporated that they wouldn't stick terribly to the pan.  It worked pretty well.  But getting the amount of time in microwave just right is the first trick.  Not too soft to lose the form of the shredded potato, but cooked enough that they don't take forever to brown up.  You may have to play with that a bit to get your technique down.  
After the microwave I put them in the pan with a bit of melted ghee, just to make sure I didn't get sticking.  Let them cook on one side until brown or you can't stand it any longer and you have to look. Pre-heat your broiler now. Repeat the "wait and look" process until they are starting to brown.  I found that while some parts where browning, the middles seemed to be too moist still.  This is where the broiler comes in.  Place your pan under the broiler and let it do it's thing.  You should see the potatotes start to dry out and turn crispy.  Remove from the oven and mix/flip as need to get the texture you like. Mine came out crispy and delicious.  I served mine with cooked chicken italian sausage and onions.   You can add chopped onions from the very beginning too.

I will make these again, hope you enjoy them too.

Today at Trader Joe's I found two kinds of sweet potato chips.  With the Super Bowl coming up I thought it was important to see how I can use these products to keep me in the party that day.


These ridged potato chips are delicious and would work well for dip, if i can find one that doesn't include dairy.  The only thing I don't like about them is the canola/safflower oil.  I wish they had used coconut oil.  I think these chip could also be good broken up and used as a crunchy topping on salads.  I'll test that tomorrow.  
They were delicious with fresh blackberries however.

The other chip I bought was a sweet potato "tortilla chip', I haven't tried that one yet.  Stay tuned, I think they will meet the avocado I have in the refrigerator.

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