Saturday, December 4, 2010

114th Civil War -- OSU Beavers vs. The Team of Many Uniforms

Today's the big game.  I'm posting now, because in reality, there won't be anything to talk about after the game.  So let's just do our thing now, while we're still happy.

Cool:  The weather is chilly.  The Beavers "Combat Pro - Giant Killers" uniforms.  ESPN Game Day in town, all the HYPE!  Corvallis is in fine style.

Not cool:  Anything green or yellow, Donald Duck. The probable outcome.

After work this morning, I rode my bike over to the MU Quad to see ESPN's Game Day show live. Go Beavs!!!
Game Day Bus, the day before the telecast.

Behind the stage at the MU Quad and Game Day set.
From the steps of the MU Quad, looking towards the TV set.

Fans on the balcony of the MU

OSU Marching Band on the steps of the MU

To the left of the TV set, broadcast in progress.

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