Monday, November 8, 2010

Goodbye Mom

Yesterday I traveled with my Dad and brother to the Columbia River Gorge to spread my Mom's ashes.  We drove to Larch Mount, and hiked a short distance to the top, where on a sunny day you can see five cascade mountains.    This is the spot that my Dad asked to be placed, so it was fitting that Mom should be here too.

Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to have our view from the summit.  But these markers show you what to expect on a clear day.  I missed one,  Mt Jefferson. 

Besides leaving some of her ashes here, Dad also said goodbye by leaving photos of her.  I left a heart shaped rock that I collected, a little piece of me to hang out with her until we meet again.

On the way home we stopped at The View Point Inn for late brunch.  This place was an unexpected surprise. 

The place had a special serenity about it that matched the mood of the trip,  it felt comforting and beautiful.  From our table we had a view of the Columbia river and watched as a squall approached and swept through, leaving us with blue skies as we walked the garden and took in the views from outside.  Besides the view, the food was excellent.

Inside dining room, couch and fireplace.
Jason and Dad sitting by the warm crackling fire.

My view from our table.

Gift shop, articles of Twilight cast stay.
Upstairs bedroom.  Made for a bride to check herself out in the mirror.

Room tucked away in the dormer.

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