Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Meaning of Rainbows

Last Sunday I was beginning the second 24 hrs of my 48 hr shift and noticed the beautiful sunrise in the west
while unpacking my gear at Station 1.
In the east this rainbow appeared, followed shortly by a second one above it.  My first 24 hr shift was rough, we were up all night taking care of drunk minors. 

When I saw the rainbow I commented to one of my co-workers, Brent G., that the rainbow means I'm going to have a better shift today. 
Brent in all his wisdom said, "You know what the bible says about rainbows don't you?". 
Me: "No".
Brent: "God promised that there'd be no more rain.  He didn't say anything about other disasters".
Me: ".........oh, great".
The reality was a little of both.  The day was way better than expected.  The previous on-duty crew did all of our daily chores and maintenance for us.  The night, was just like the previous night, and we were up all night.
There was no rain that day, so perhaps that's all it was suppose to tell me that morning.

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