Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fantasy Time....

Fantasy Football that is!  This is my second year with a team (team name: Code 3 Fall) and I can say that I love having a fantasy football team. Sundays haven't been the same since I joined the league at work. 
It's hard not to like being league Champion, which I somehow managed last year.  Randy helped me draft my team and gave input as I navigated my first year.  I knew coming into this season that things would be different with a whole new team and a bigger league, so my expectations aren't as high.  Randy helped me pick my team again and I felt pretty good about my players.
Then I had a huge curve thrown at me.  I was suppose to have 2 starting QB's, not one.  With 14 teams in our league there was no way to pick up a starting QB after the draft.  My season is in jeopardy and we've only just begun. 
I've got a 4 week fix with Dennis Dixon filling in for the suspended Ben Rothlisberger, then I'm going to have to scramble to find a QB to get me some points.  For now I'll continue to root for the former Duck as he learns his way through the starting QB job.  Fingers crossed.  Hopefully he doesn't remember any of the "Duck Rants" I had against him.
Yesterday week 1 closed with 2 MNF games, and I ended the week as a surprise winner.  I won my head to head match easily, and   currently I have the highest point total in league with 250 points.  Maybe I do still have a chance to finish near the top of league.  What a great game!!!  Go Peyton!

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