Friday, September 24, 2010

Apologies to my yard

My yard is a mess.  I did some "spring cleaning" yard work, earlier this week. It doesn't get any easier if you leave it for an extra 7 months.  I didn't have the desire to get out & work my landscape this summer.  It could have been the weird weather we had, which was wetter and cooler than normal.  It could have been the amount of time I spent on the computer, or the fact that we headed to the coast almost every vacation opportunity that we had.  We were very busy people this summer.
Excuses aside, the yard is still a mess.  Let me officially apologize to all my lovely plants, I'm sorry to have negelected you!  Having said that, there are a few bright spots to mention.

My "Limelight" hydrangea.  The flower start out pale cream with pale green.  This year they added this nice pink tinge.

One of my favorite roses, "Electron".  The picture doesn't do the neon pink justice.

A plant find at the Peoria Nursery sale, Thumbergia variety.  AKA: Glory flower.  I will look for this again next year.  It climbs nicely up my arbor, flowers easily and doesn't need full sun. This plant was potted late and didn't have the full summer to do it's thing.

A red geranium my neighbor gave us for watching their dog.  This was from Walmart and is a prolific, continuosly flowering plant.  Would do this one again too.

My "Jack Frost" Brunneria seeded itself into a nearby pot.  The parent plant is in the background. A snapdragon also started itself here.  The hosta was the orginal occupant of the pot.

The bright pink flowers are petunias that volunteered themselves from last years planting.  The lavendar in the middle was planted during my "spring clean up".  It was a clearance plant I found in Florence.
A colorful flower head from my Endless Summer hydrangea growing on the deck in Florence.  I loved all the pretty colors throughout this flower head.

This is a "must have" clematis that is growing on the deck of the condo next to ours in Florence.  I don't know what it is, but I'm glad it's growing my direction and I might have to find a place for one at my house.
My winter project is to find a place to put one of these trees, "Forest Pansy" Redbud.  It is a small tree with big interest.  It flowers with pretty pink flower in the spring. The leaves are green at times and red at other times. The leaf shape as well and tree form are eye catching.  This will find a place in my yard.

So many colors on one tree!

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