Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day, Here and There.

Mother's Day was Sunday and I split my time between Beaverton and Corvallis.

I drove up to Beaverton that morning and hung Mom's beautiful flower basket, then we went to brunch. I called Jason up, he was headed to Mom's anyway, and had him join us. We had a nice meal at the Village Inn, just the three of us catching up. Jason also gave Mom a hanging flower basket and I brought that home with her. After spending some time with Mom and Dad at home, I headed to Corvallis to hit the party on the other side of the family.

Candi hosted the Mother's Day party and it was just getting to the good part when I arrived. No mexican food Brianna, so I didn't call you. Candi and Joe BBQ'd fanastic steaks and burgers with plentiful adult beverages. Randy was happily salivating over his plate of steak, sauteed mushrooms, garlic toast and pototes. There was salad, but no room for it. It was a perfect meal. After dinner on the patio, we started up a competitive game of badmitton. You know how brutal those can get. And it did. One added feature was the blowing of the cottonwood trees seeds -- it looked like it was snowing at one point. Annie was a new player and was slow to get started. It's apparent though that she is going to be killer once she gets this down. We'll just keep reminding her that badmitton is not a contact sport. After we were hot and sweaty and had humiliated our opponents, it was time for the strawberry shortcake truce. Yum! Both teams were losers, there were no winners. Players included Randy, Candi, and Brice vs Derek, Annie and Chris.
Who was there besides anyone already mentioned?...Carl & Granny, Tom & Wendy (Ashlyn was at work). We all missed Betty, but she wasn't feeling well. We sent food and hugs home with Carl for her. We missed Dustin & Brianna as well. Hope your first Mother's Day was super special.


Grampy and Grammy said...
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Grampy and Grammy said...

you were too gracious with your badminton narrative.Your team crushed us, stomped us and then hung us out to dry. It was great to watch the competition between Christi and Randy :-)
Grammy and grampy for the G-kids

fishgirl said...

Thanks for linking to my site. My brother lives in Astoria, Oregon. :)