Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Birthday Celebrations.

N.A. lead singer looking to leave group.

NExtra has learned that Notorious AARP lead singer and hottie, Candi-tone, is looking to start up her own girl band. While celebrating her 39th birthday at local fab hangout Elmers, family members overheard Candi-tone and drummer Christi discussing the singers plans. One blonde guest vying for her place in the new band, sang Happy Birthday to the singer. K.B. Jo, the bands keyboarder was present at the party and seems to remain close to the singer, despite rumors of Candi-tone being seen with a much younger man last month in Virginia. The absence of popular bass guitarist Rand, at the party caused further speculation of the bands demise.
Candi-tone's manager Carl and glam stylist Granny, were present but declined comment.

Notorious AARP first hit the scene on August 9th, 2005 with a successful concert at Experience Music Project in Seattle Washington. Since that time the group has toured the Northwest, but have yet to have had a second concert.


Grampy and Grammy said...

Too funny, your good!
C Tone

CVOChristi said...

Thanks C-tone. I had a good laugh. And, I have no van yet, so we have to stay with the guys...for now.