Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring at Home

Spring is always a good time to take photos. The sky is so variable, with puffy white clouds and blue sky over here and dark blue, stormy clouds over there. It all works together to make spring pictures the most vibrant ones of the year. Here are some of our spring flowers in the back yard.

Below is a new hellebore that I found and had to have because it was so different. I'm starting to have quiet a collection of hellebores. They are so versatile in that they are happy in shade, bloom early and long, and don't require much attention. This one didn't have any identifying variety, other than "pink and white".

Look at the coloring on that new growth, isn't that crazy! The leaves are a very pale yellow with pink highlights. I can't wait to see this specimen when it has established itself. Stay tuned...

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