Saturday, May 5, 2012

Virtual Travel

If I could afford to travel all the time, I would.  Since that's not possible, the next best thing is "virtual travel" and this month I'm in Greece!
The last week in April I joined an "Imaginary Trip to Greece" from the website   The website is hosted by Laure Ferlita who is our travel guide and travel journal instructor.  As we hop from place to place Laure sends us information about the area, pictures and a video of how to paint what we see, as if we are on site.  After our video lesson, we draw and paint from one of the pictures and then post it to the class blog site.  From there we get to see what others have done and get tips and suggestions on our own work.  The group I'm traveling with is large and diverse.  It's been fun to see the variety of styles and interpretations , as well as the "ah-ha" moments, that our group is producing.  This is my second trip with Laure, the first was to Paris.

Here's a couple of paintings from my visit so far...


Grampy and Grammy said...

Very nice but I want to go too :)

CVOChristi said...

Hey, I'm looking at a Japanese garden trip starting in June....hop on board!