Saturday, December 10, 2011

Travel Withdrawl

Ok, I've HAD it with the cold fog.  VERY ANNOYING!!!  The weather anywhere else in Oregon is sunny and cold, if you can get out of the valley.  I miss my Florence condo.  It's always rented at the wrong time.  At least I know what I will do when I'm retired and the fog rolls in.....I'm outta here!!!

Aunt Mary and Dad, Melbourne Beach.  Oh, I miss Florida too.

The three of us on Melbourne Beach.  I wish you all could meet my Aunt Mary and Uncle Dan, they are super people.

Note to self, tilt head down slightly in self portraits.  On a private channel off the Indian River.  The rich people keep their boats in their backyard canal for easy access to the river.
Leaving Cabo.  Oh I miss being on a boat.

A large herd of dolphins, north of Cabo on the way to San Fran.

Manzanillo Beach

Kayaking in Manzanillo, looking at mangroves and birds (Joye)

Pretty fish seen while snorkeling in Manzanillo.

Our guide and Joye in kayaks, everyone else is snorkeling. Top side of the shipwreck, Manzanillo.

A school of fish hanging out at the shipwreck, Manzanillo.

Part of the shipwreck.

View from ship,  in port at Costa Rica.

Seems like the wind is always blowing where the palm trees grow. Costa Rica near the Coribici River.

This is my paradise close to home.

This is where you'll find me in the winter.  

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