Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitchen Remodel 2011 - Day 2

Yesterday was a great day, why would today be any different?  Because it is.  Because there's a full moon.  Because it's a remodel.  The guys who do this all the time know that, expect it, and go with the flow.  Me?  My stomach is in knots!  I know when things go "differently", the ka-ching factor goes up.  That's like finger nails on a chalk board to me.  I also had to make decisions on the go, without checking to see what Randy thought.  I know he'd probably have come to the same decisions, but I hate that he might not like what we've done.  Well, it is what it is.  It is what it is what it is.....

Unplanned items today:
1. rotten floor boards under dishwasher.  While cutting them out, the outside hose bib line was cut.
2. Need to move the refrigerator outlet and water line out of the way of the cabinets, but there's a pocket door behind that space. Doh!
3. The last guy who put flooring in the utility room didn't patch the floor right and the patch dropped out.

The guys are good. They took all these extras in stride and are "ahead of schedule".  The prep work could be done by Friday.  : * )  Yeah guys!!!

Actions today:
  • Old flooring removed.
  • Hood system properly vented to the roof.
  • Cut out rotten floor boards
  • Fix hose bib plumbing.
  • Plumb water to icemaker vault.
  • Prep refrigerator electrical box.
  • Frame in wall opening and doorway.
  • Remove pocket door and frame in wall.

The young boys have the flooring out, now the "experienced guys" show up.  He's kneeling in front of the rotten boards that will be removed.


The plumbing is set and spaces are foamed in.  The hole in the floor is covered by a door and some chairs to keep the kids out of it.

That's worth a close up, beautiful work!!!

Refrigerator icemaker vault, with water plumbed properly to the pipes, and a new electrical box.

Filling in the open space and some of the family room walk way.

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