Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kitchen Remodel 2011 Begins....

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I had a dream.  A dream of a kitchen that was place that I would like to cook and people liked to hang out.  The planning is over, the wood is being cut, no more new ideas or mind changes allowed. That dream is coming to a kitchen near me, right now.  The force is with me.  Thank you Obi-wan Kenobi!

This weekend I spent two days taking everything out of the kitchen and stashing it around the house.  I tried to leave some things accessible so that we could BBQ or microwave to feed ourselves over the next two weeks.  My whole organization got blown out of the water today when the guys started demo work.  The refrigerator was moved into the dining room and lots of other things got pushed aside and into my work space.  Oh, well.  I keep telling my husband, "it's only for a few days".   Sunday night the dog found my stash of calcium chews and ate the whole bag.   He is still alive today and apparently fine for having ingested a mega amount of calcium, vitamin D3 and foil wrappers.  Damn, dog stomaches are tough!

The boys got a lot of work done today, I'm impressed: appliances moved out; upper and lower cabinets removed; soffetts taken out; some of the floor taken up. The fixtures are being donated to Habitat for Humanity so care was taken to remove items with as little damage as possible. I am very pleased with how the kitchen looks opened up to the dining room, it is going to great! 
We were lucky to find no really bad surprises.  We did find out what happened to the baby bunny that the cat brought in over 10 years ago.  The poor thing died under the sink cabinet and it's intact skeleton was found there.  Always wondered what the answer that mystery would be.  

Sunday night, it's all cleared out and ready for change.

It begins....the monster refrigerator, Alice, is prepped for the move to the dining room.

The uppers over the bar are gone!  COOL beans!

Making the rest of the uppers go away....

This was harder than it looked.  There were some adult words used at this point.  Andy orchestrated a beautiful and coordinated maneuver to get 2 whole banks of uppers down at one time.

Too bad I have to put upper back in at some point.  I like it the way it is.

Oh yeah, don't blink honey badger or all your lowers will be gone!

Get those soffets out of of there, I need that space!

I only asked for an estimate.......then he said "Yes".  Love you sweetie!

Sweetie Pie will get a new garbage disposal. Be sure to tell him how that makes the kitchen awesome.

Soffets all gone.  Left with a trench into the attic.  The boogie man will have an easy time getting into the house tonight.

They say they are done for today.  No problem sissy boys, I'll keep working. Honey badger don't need a break like you men.

Where the sink used to be.  I scraped off old wallpaper backing tonight.  See you boys tomorrow!

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