Saturday, April 3, 2010

Canary Islands -- Virtual Paintout

Tonight I'm posting my first VP (Virtual Paintout) painting "on location", with a lot of help from Google Earth.  Every month a new location is posted at and everyone is given the whole month to travel there by Google Earth, make a painting and submit it to the blog.  Last month, I stalked in the background as others painted Stavager Norway.  This month, I couldn't help but participate and tour the Canary Islands of Spain. This Google Earth thing could be very dangerous, as I'm ready to take a real trip there now!
Here's my look at the Carnary Islands:

Location: 20 Av del Emigrante/Calle de la Isla del Hierro,
Guia de Isora, CN, Espana.

Sharpie and watercolor crayons on watercolor paper.
6.5 x 8

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