Friday, March 12, 2010

Studio J!

Ok, I've found the new best way to scrapbook! Coming this spring Close To My Heart will unveil our new Studio (digital) scrapbooking site called "Studio J "TM , named after our founder Jeanette Lynton. As a Consultant I have been been able to play with it this month and I have to say it's fantastic! It solves so many issues that kept me from doing the real thing, tell me if you don't think these features are cool....

  • The basic layout is already made, just choose how many photos you want on a page and go to it.

  • Upload your pictures from your computer right onto the 2 page layout. The size is RIGHT and fits the space the first time! Or in the second or third places you try it. Want to try your photos in sepia or B&W, just click it!

  • To mat your photos or not? Click it. What color mat, how wide a mat? Click it, un-click it if you change your mind.

  • You can make a layout, and make additions and subtractions without wasting supplies. You can try it, you can try it there, you can put it back where you had it the first time!

  • You are never out of supplies!!! Your virtual kit supplies are coordinated and you can use as many or as few items to embellish your pages as you want.

  • The "Title Tool", need I saw more?! You have as many letters as you want, you can make the size as big or as small as needed. Your spacing is always consistent.

  • Speaking of words....journaling has never been easier! Plenty of font choices, coordinating font colors, and the words will shrink to fit your space if you chose!!!!

  • Yeah but does it look like a real page? Yes, all the MyStickies TM, brads, ribbons, etc, appear dimensional!

  • You can distress your paper too: Sand it, ink it, tear it.

I could go on, but you get the idea. After completing a layout, send it to your cart, go over it one last time and approve it. Pay for the two page layout, $12.95, and it will be shipped to you. Mine arrived in 3 days, well packaged and gorgeous! I can't wait for this program to be available. Stay tuned and more details will follow. If you are interested, let me know (email please) so I send you the link when it's available.

If you've wanted to scrapbook, but haven't felt you could, well you can now. It's really that easy, Studio J makes it easy.

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your new picture is soooo dang cute!!