Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sawyer Brown Rocks Oregon Garden Resort

And we were there, in the grass ampitheater at the Oregon Garden. Despite the rain, the concert was great. We, (Randy, myself, Candi and Joe) had a nice "picnic" dinner from our nearly front row beach chairs and rocked out to the old and new sounds of Sawyer Brown. Joe actually met the lead singer and has his autograph to prove it. I'll post a video, sorry the sound is bad, it's just a digital camera. I think if we weren't so close the speaker, it might have turned out ok. The lead singer does a lot of funky dancing in is worth keeping an eye on. These guys are worth supporting. New album out this fall.

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Grampy and Grammy said...

Joe still hasn't come down from his groupy high....or washed his hand :) Fun Night, Sawyer Brown Rocks big time!!