Sunday, August 16, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tended Soil....

A run to the nursery
too much money spent
shovel in hand
dirt under the nails
a handful of compost
plenty of rain
a bit of sun
more plants as gifts from friends
more rain
squirts of Roundup
dashes of heat
and a stiff back
the plot is planted
and tended
daily progress checks
A sprinkle of fertilizer
what's taking so long?
weeds growing fine!
Now the results

too many cucumbers
too many zucchini
big handfuls of basil
bunches of lavendar
baskets of flowers
lots of tomatoes
TOO many patty pan squash
some slugs
carpets of petunias
paths overflowing
bushes of sage
handful of corn
a few peppers
bush of rosemary
bounty of potatoes
hidden chives
fresh garden eats

Need any zucchini

cucumbers or



The Motes said...

Love it! I'll take some cucumbers!

Grampy and Grammy said...

I enjoyed vegies from your garden for dinner....yummy green beans and tasty zucchini bread and corn on the cob tender and sweet. It was good to have "notorious" back together again. Watch out Sawyer Brown