Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer is here!

Little man Devan, we loved your recent blog update, but I've got to tell you a few things that you've missed. First off, we miss you, but you probably already know that. Secondly when you come back next I expect you to bring your swimming diapers, arm floaties and sunglasses. We'll show you what fun you can have in the water. It will be good training for you, 'cause your Mom and Dad like to play with water toys too. Let me give you a little of taste of what the big boys and girls do at the lake.

Wednesday July 15th: This Gr Grandpa Carl, Grammy Candi and Uncle Derek trying out the new toy. This puppy is bomb proof, I'm convinced you could be riding it in a couple of years.

Grammy Candi calls it her "Cadillac", it's very safe. It doesn't go over the waves, it goes through them. This puppy has some speed too. You ought to see Gr Grandma drive it, zoom zoom!

Saturday July 18th: It's hot again in the valley, time to head for the lake! Today all of your Oregon Harrison/Mote/Jurosky family, plus Annie, Joey R. and his Dad, went to Foster Lake and played in the water. However, Great Grandpa, Grammy, Uncle Derek and Annie all headed to the Lake EARLY, they get special kudo's. We wanted to try a new park, Lewis Creek Park on the NE corner of Foster Lake, with first come first serve picnicing and mooring. This park is across the lake from where we launch the watercrafts, and is accessible by car.

The early crew secured us a nice spot with a dock and a picnic table in the shade. We skied, wakeboarded and tubed. Others just rode the jet skis. We ate good snack foods and enjoyed the company.

I think Foster has better waves than Detriot, and I've found a spot that has huge waves if you follow a boat through it. Today I was in the bottom of a wave trough that put the wave at face height, it washed my hat right off my head. Woohoo, fun!!!

I was slow with the camera, these pictures were of our spot as everyone was taking the watercraft back to the boat landing. They are tiny specks in the far distance.

This is the row of moorings at the Lewis Creek park. The end of the dock meets up with the open sandy beach, swimming and picnic area. It was crowded today.

These people took over "our" dock after we left.

I hope we've got you interested in playing at the lake. We miss having your Mom and Dad here too. I'm still working on my wakeboarding, I didn't get to lake early enough today to practice, but I will soon. Love, from all in Oregon.


The Motes said...

Pretty soon I'll be riding in circles around you with the jet ski :) Miss you guys!!

Love Devan

Grampy and Grammy said...

We are cool fun folks!