Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reach The Bridge Race

Today was the day of the race. Remember, I signed up for the 8k walk from the Portland Zoo to the east side of the Burnside bridge? Well, yippee, it's done and it was fun. Joye from work joined me and we had a good time.

It was the first time either of us had joined an official race, so we weren't sure what to expect. This was a good event to start with, as it wasn't crowded and the course was all down hill and it was a walking event.

We walked past the Washington Park Rose Garden:

And PGE Park:

And China Town:

8k really wasn't as far as it sounded, and we finished in pretty good time. We even had enough time for a slight course detour to the famous "Voodoo Donut" shop at 2nd and Burnside.

VooDoo Donuts has been featured on the Amazing Race and the Food Network, it's famous. I'm not driving back to 2nd and Burnside to visit the place. This was the opportune time.

I had the "Captain, My Captain". A glazed donut with white frosting and Captain Crunch cereal on top. Perfect sugar bomb combination! So I erased my calorie expenditure for the morning.

With a crazy donut concoction in hand, we hopped back on course and still had plenty of time before the bridge raised at 0900 hrs.

Unfortunately it was overcast, cool and windy on the river and we didn't spend much time enjoying the views from the bridge. We located a MAX station and took light rail back to the Zoo/Forestry Center where our car awaited us.

We finished the day by taking my parents to Pho Hung in Beaverton, for a nice lunch of chicken noodle soup.
All in all, a very nice experience. I'm so glad Joye asked to join me.

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