Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gut-Buster Birthday Bash!

Too much food and many good laughs, that's the kind of get together it was at Candi and Joes' tonight. We were celebrating the Birthdays of Derek and Carl with food and merriment. Candi made a feast of a wonderful mexican foods. Yummy appetizers of guacamole, chips and salsa with Margarita's started the party off on the right foot. We watched the basketball civil war, and rooted the Beav's on. They won, Yippee and HA HA Uncle Phil! Present this night, besides our Hosts and honoree's, were Granny, Kris, Randy, Chris and Annie. Annie is Derek's girlfriend, and this was her first introduction to the family. I'd say it went pretty well. She's a beautiful girl and fit in perfectly. I bet we didn't scare her off and I look forward to having her join us again in the future. On to the main course....The three or four different types of enchildada's kept us all busy for dinner, with only a select few able to make it to the taco/burrito bar. Even though we were all full, we gathered our forks up and finished the evening with the choice of cheese cake with fruit or coconut cake. Both YUMMY!! Now I'm too full. Time to sit and let it all digest. Dustin and Brianna, and little E, we missed your presence and look forward to your upcoming visit.


The Motes said...

I can't believe you had Mexican without me!!! Next time, call and we'll be there :)


CVOChristi said...

I think the Mexican food was in your honor. We'll call next time. :*)