Monday, May 31, 2010


The other day I wished that I had predator to eat all the slugs and, most especially, snails in the yard .  I was thinking a turtle would be nice.  Instead, my cat Lucy decided to be a great hunter and take on the slugs.  Last night, a rainy night, she came inside with a weird "smile".  It looked like she had some photoshop work done to her mouth. On closer inspection it was slug slime and dirt!  YUCCCK!  Slug slime doesn't come off anything easily, so she sported her "grin" until morning. 
I'm also going to have to explain to her that she needs to dispose of her victims outside.  The big juicy slug she caught had crawled across the laudry room rug, leaving a glistening trail, and was headed up the wall.  Sigh, I can see why she picked him, he was a big one. LUCY No!!!!

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