Monday, December 15, 2008

Hi! Here's the first post. I started telling people about this site, so I figured I'd better get something up for them to see.

We had only 2-3" of snow on the ground today. I was hoping for more. I have to go to work tomorrow, and other than having a high 0f 27 degrees, it should be good as no precipitation is expected. I like having the snow around. It adds interest to the day, it keeps us busy doing the stuff we like to do. Without new precipitation we won't need to chain up the vehicles. That is a major pain, and then it really slows us down as we try to drive around our district.

The forecast is for more snow on Wednesday, perfect! My day off. I think we are ready for Christmas, with all our shopping done. I still need to get the Christmas cards out however. You haven't been forgotten or ignored, just procrastinated against. Have no fear, they will come.
In the mean time, Lucy says "Meowy Christmas".

Cheers! Chris

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